Avenue for Faith

What Avenue For Faith Is All About | Episode 0

January 18, 2021 Nathan Guy Season 1 Episode 0
Avenue for Faith
What Avenue For Faith Is All About | Episode 0
Show Notes

So you’re a Sunday school teacher, a small group leader, or a church staff member wanting to get the very best out of your adult education ministry. Knowing where to start, what to look for, or even finding resources can be hard.

Have you ever wanted to listen in for tips and tricks, sample classes, and get words of wisdom and encouragement along the way as you build up your own ministry at your church?

So have I.

That’s why I created “Avenue for Faith,” a weekly podcast that charts out our own strategic vision at Sherrod Avenue, engages with experts in churches throughout the world (putting theory into practice), and offers a window into one church trying to let our Bible classes and adult learning communities serve as an avenue for faith formation, evangelism, and discipleship.

Join me, Nathan Guy, minister of adult education at Sherrod Avenue Church of Christ in Florence, Alabama. Listen here and visit our website, https://www.avenueforfaith.org, where you can subscribe to our weekly email that goes straight to your inbox, sign up to join a zoom class, download free curriculum, and much, much more.

Thank you for listening and know we are here to help on the Avenue for Faith.


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