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Biblically Rooted (w/Dr. Keith Stanglin, Jennifer Gerhardt, & Randy Harris) | Episode 7

February 21, 2021 Nathan Guy Season 1 Episode 7
Avenue for Faith
Biblically Rooted (w/Dr. Keith Stanglin, Jennifer Gerhardt, & Randy Harris) | Episode 7
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Scripture First. Sounds easy. But what does it look like for a stand-alone class as well as an entire adult ministry program to be "biblically rooted"? In this seventh episode, I sit down with a world-class theologian and get his take on the importance of putting Scripture first, and helping others learn to love the Bible.

My featured guest today is Dr. Keith Stanglin.  Keith is a professor of Scripture and historical theology at Austin Graduate School of Theology (in Austin, Texas), a school now in partnership with Lipscomb University. Keith earned his PhD from Calvin Seminary, and is one of the world's leading experts in biblical interpretation and the history of Christian theology. I am also privileged to be joined by two other guests. Jennifer Gerhardt has been on our program before, and spent 5 years as the Storytelling minister for the Round Rock Church of Christ in Austin. Randy Harris, who will be our featured guest on a later episode, spent his career teaching Scripture and theology first at Lipscomb University and then at Abilene Christian University.

In this episode, we cover several interesting topics, including:

  • Keith: We Need to Encourage Bible Reading (2:36)
  • Randy: The Problem of Declining Literacy (4:05)
  • Keith: Removing Distractions to Bible Reading (5:11)
  • Keith: Provide Training on How To Read the Bible (10:04)
  • Jennifer: Bible Class as Driver's Ed (11:32)
  • Keith: The Lost Art of Memorization (17:07)
  • And lots, lots more!

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Jennifer: Bible class as Driver's Ed
Introducing the Episode
Introducing Keith
Keith: Biblically Rooted Means Scripture First
Keith: We Need to Encourage Bible Reading
Randy: A Problem Is Declining Literacy
Keith: Remove Distractions (1): Use Print Bibles
Keith: Remove Distractions (2): Turn The Screens Off
Keith: Loving the Bible Is Not Always Natural; It Takes Practice
Keith: We Need to Provide Training on How to Read The Bible
Jennifer: Show Them How: Bible Class Is Like Driver's Ed
Keith: Scripture is Shallow and Deep--There is Something for Everyone
Keith: Training Teachers Includes Giving Them Resources
Keith: The Lost Art of Memorization
A Summary of Biblically Rooted
Introducing the Next Episode: Theologically Grounded